Entertainer Profile

Tye Love

Tye is a one of a kind, beautiful tomboy to explore taboo, yet "normal" desires with!!

Age: 27
Height: 5'7" (170 cm)
Bust Size: C
Hair Colour: Dark Brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Affillation: Independent
Incall and/or Outcall: Incall
Available to: Couples, Groups, Men, Women

Have you wanted to be seduced by a woman, yet controlled by a masculine presence? Or perhaps just relax and let someone else take the lead?

I offer a unique experience, as I personify a combination of both female and male energies. As a tomboy at heart -- what I like to call "androgynous" -- I am a marriage of masculinity and femininity. My personal belief is that we all are, yet there are still societal beliefs that prevent us from truly expressing ourselves.

I offer you a safe and welcome environment in which to express your innermost desires without fear or judgment.

I also offer a discrete, tranquil space that appeals to the most sensitive aesthetics. To start our time together, we'll enjoy a short conversation to connect and create a comfortable environment. Then, if you like, we can leave behind our stress as we enter another realm of sensuality and care giving.

There are a variety of sessions available to you.

1) THERAPEUTIC BODYWORK: I have a background in therapeutic bodywork and am skilled in relieving chronic pain. I'm also trained in various techniques to work on specific areas of the body which may be sore or injured. Additionally, my education includes techniques to simply let you relax and melt into a calm, peaceful state. Whatever you desire, I assure that your body will feel rejuvinated if bodywork is something you'd like to focus on.

2) SENSUAL PLAY: All of my sessions include sensual play, though it feels necessary to include this small portion as a way to make that explicitly known. What does this look like? We'll co-create our time together, so please feel free to share your desires with me. If you have any particular fantasies, it would be wonderful to know what they are so that we might explore those together. Keep in mind that there's no pressure whatsoever...if you want to come and relax, please do so. This is all about your pleasure.

2) TOYPLAY EXPLORATION: I may also use a variety of training techniques and toyplay for your pleasure. When coupled with soothing music, a peaceful, dimly-lit atmosphere, and sensual energy, our time will allow you to let go and be just as you are -- a deserving being tapping into your sensual exploration!!

3) DUO WITH MY FEMALE PARTNER: I also offer a duo session with my partner, Becca. We are sincerely in love and powerfully united through chemistry and energy. Sharing that vibrant connection with open-minded, inquisitive and creative individuals brings about a truly amazing experience for all. This is your opportunity to witness dynamic sensuality between two women, one a femme fatale and the other an androgynous mix of both male and female in an athletic female body with the face of an angel. It will be our pleasure to share our time with you thru play in fantasy, light BDSM and the dark erotic realms. Please inquire about this when contacting me if you are interested.

75 Min. Bodywork and sensual play $225

90 Min. Bodywork and sensual play $250

90 Min. BDSM / Fantasy / Toyplay exploration $300

2 Hr. Bodywork and sensual play $300

2 Hr. BDSM / Fantasy / Toyplay exploration $375

1 hour and 3 hour sessions availabe in any of these genres.

Any of these sessions may include a bath ritual where we'll explore being held by water, moving in it together, and intentionally cleansing our physical and spiritual beings of any unhelpful energy.

Lets discover your sensuality anew!